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«When Apples Fall to the Sky»: 10 лет песне

10 лет прошло с того момента, как я написала эту песню. Позже, когда она вышла в свет, события разворачивались очень, очень интересно! Но об этом позже, сейчас просто текст:

Wonder day!
Heavens spread on earth today,
Apples started falling to the sky!
It’s a time
When your perfect child is born!
Politicians settle disputes far & wide!
Souls inflame,
God loves all of us today,
Men lay down their arms to bring bright hopes!
All beloveds
Feel a passion in their hearts!
Ain’t it euphoria without dope?

When apples fall to the sky,
Love is more than ever
When apples fall to the sky,
Sweethearts leave us never.
When apples fall to the sky
Warfare cease forever
When apples fall to the sky,
When apples fall to the sky…

Wonder day!
Language barrier’s away,
Your best songs are written just for love!
Colored skin!
Does it really mean something?
Hopeless case got one more chance for life!